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Anerlisa Muigai speaks after KRA Shut Down Keroche Breweries over Ksh 332 Million tax arrears

Anerlisa Muigai, a Keroche Breweries heiress and businesswoman, has spoken out against the Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) decision to liquidate her parents’ company, Keroche Breweries, due to suspected unpaid taxes. Keroche Breweries’ operations were reportedly shut down by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) after it allegedly failed to return over Ksh22 million in unpaid taxes since February 2021. If the government does not reinstate its distribution channel, the Naivasha-based company has threatened to lay off around 250 employees in the next seven days.

“We have remained closed despite the fact that we have over 2 million liters of beer in our tanks worth about Ksh.512 million and fixed costs of about Ksh.30 million,” Keroche stated in a statement. “This has depleted all of our resources, and if nothing is done in the next seven days, we will be forced to shut down all of our operations and lay off over 250 direct employees, as well as hundreds more across our nationwide distribution network.” Keroche claims that its attempts to pay off the debt it owes KRA have been repeatedly thwarted by the taxman, who has driven them into “unfriendly” settlements.
Anerlisa expressed her dissatisfaction with the firm’s closing by saying that it hurts her to see it close and that no one is willing to help them. The CEO of the Nero Water Company expressed her sadness at the prospect of numerous Keroche employees losing their jobs and livelihood. “It’s really unfortunate that Keroche was shut down, and no one appears willing to listen, help, or negotiate.” “It’s been terribly painful watching Keroche shuttered for two months and even worse, some 650 people are stranded wondering when Keroche will reopen and are also in danger of losing their jobs,” she said.
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