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Anger Lands Landlord In Police Cells


A landlord in Kikambala has found himself on the wrong side of the law. The grumpy, prominent and wealthy landlord let anger get the better of him. During his arrest, he was interrogated by police officers as to why he had to be a public nuisance. He told the officers that he had had enough with some of his tenants, who were proving to be a real pain in the arse. He narrated to the officers how time and again, among other things, he had told the tenants always to moderate the volumes of their home theatres. He continued to say that he had singled out three tenants who are notorious trouble makers.

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The landlord quipped, he was so enraged that his gun went off following deafening music played by the tenants. He said it was like the tenants were competing on who had the loudest home theatre. So he confronted the tenants, who in turn started yelling at him, saying that they live in a free country and that they had paid rent, so they felt like they had a right on what to do in their rented houses. When he removed a gun from his pocket as a stamp of authority to threaten the tenants, they should always remember that they are on his property, and his say is overall.

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The blast from the gun frightened some grazing cows, which in turn started running madly in fear of the unknown. One of the cows ran towards a feeder road and was hit by a tuk-tuk that later overturned, injuring the driver and two passengers.

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Though the landlord shot upwards in the air, his action had unrelated consequences. And all the costs of any damages and injuries were piled on him. At the time we left the scene, the landlord was being taken for a ballistics check.

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