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Another ‘Tea’ Served by the master himself (Edgar Obare)


Famous YouTuber Well Known as Kabi Wa Jesus Badly Exposed after Being a Deadbeat Dad.

Kabi was first in a relationship with a lady said to be a cousin to his current wife Milly Wambui before meeting with his soulmate. Before the two went their ways, they had a baby boy who is now 7 years old.

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Shockingly, the same Kabi wa Jesús who has been flaunting a fake fancy lifestyle on social media all the time does not take care of his helpless child.

According to the ex-baby mama, she has been begging him all the time for financial support, but her efforts went futile.

Below are the receipts Edgar got from the ex-baby mama and exposed Kabi Wa Jesus as a dead beat father.


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The question is, how come one can live a lavish life and fail to take care of his own blood? We are yet to hear from Kabi, but has surfaced on the internet has not been taken lightly by netizens and supporters of his content as many are in doubt.

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