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Are they a couple? Oh yes, your guess is good as mine, but no, its mum and son. See the beautiful pictures of mother son who are mistakenly dating – Sunsetkenya


At first, sight what comes to your mind is “oh what a beautiful couple it is,” but alas! it’s a mum who hung out with his all grown son.

Their appearances in public got the whole nation talking. The way they dress and clinging near each other would be definitely be mistaken of them “eating” each other.

Photos of them have gone viral on the internet and the engagement that came out forced the Nigerian Woman to address the whole issue in a Facebook post where she explained the whole drama leaving netizens agape. She explained that her athletic shape could be tied to her healthy lifestyle, adding that she exercises regularly.

She went ahead to say that both her husband and the son are all team living healthy and they exercise regularly to maintain the thirsty body many envy about.

“It would not have been possible for them to think I am my son’s sibling or girlfriend  without my healthy lifestyle

I am very particular about what I put in my mouth so I eat healthy…. Okwa very healthy 
I exercise regularly 
Through the grace, mercy and favour of God, I have done these for years 
And my husband and kids are the same
We are all team health and fitness

And now people are doubting that I am the mother of a baby boy I carried in my belly for 9 months and give birth to after more than 18 hours of gruelling labour at 24yrs of age …..
These pictures mirror our emotions since yesterday
He is wondering “What the” “ How can they think that”…. He finds it incredulous that people would question if his mother who gave birth to him is truly his mother 
And I am here saying “Jesus Igweeeeeeeeee 
” and asking him to calm down Nna, onwero much…. Onwegodi much, odiro too much
All in all …. We both grateful to God for the amazing blessings in our lives …. Faithful God 🙏🏽

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Chineke daalu 🙏🏽
According to the African culture its not moral upright for a mum and their son to be clung all together in the manner Ada Ujaligwa and son are, but due to the western culture, we adopted things have drastically changed over time to pave way for the westernization and change of our own.




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