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Babu Owino Defends Embarambamba after the Singer Found Himself on the Receiving End, Online



Babu Owino, a controversial Member of Parliament for Embakasi East Constituency has gone online to defend the self-proclaimed gospel artist, Chris Embarambamba against criticisms from the K.O.T.

Embarambamba found himself on the receiving end after a video of him dancing suggestively among men in a nightclub circulated online.

The dramatic musician received a lot of criticism and found his hard-earned glory quickly shading before the “Tibbim” Crusader came to his defense.

Many are doubting the path Embarambamba is leading after winning Kenyans’ hearts for his comic stunts and expressional music style.

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According to a post on Babu’s Instagram and Facebook account, he suggests that people should celebrate Embarambamba for his change of tactics.

It is remembered that, the moral police Ezekiel Mutua warned against the musician’s dramatic dancing as a danger to himself.

On this note, Babu sees the incident as a positive sign and reasons to acknowledge the change.

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He explains that Netizens should be thankful because the Kisii finest has shunned from climbing and jumping trees but people, which is an adjustment from his dangerous stunts.

He also egged on people to view life from a positive angle. However, some of the fans suggest that the MP is only being cynical about it.

We need to at least celebrate Embarambamba. He has stopped climbing trees and is now climbing people. What an improvement. Look at life from the positive side,” the politician wrote.

Based on the reactions on his Facebook account, some of his followers praised him for sharing wisdom while others insisted on why Embarambamba deserved the bashing.

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