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Bahati deserts the Gospel industry and states its full of Hypocrisy – Sunsetkenya


In an interview with Mc Jessy, the Churchill show co-host, Bahati has spoken for the first time to answer the long asked question. When asked about the gospel industry, the singer kept on blaming those in the industry as being full of hypocrisy and judging each other forgetting that they all serve the same God.

With his latest songs, Wanani and Missing you, the singer said he had just changed the genre of the music from gospel to secular but he is still in touch with God and he adheres to all the principles. He said, “The gospel is Christ and I have Him in my heart and believe in God. God is the reason I am at the top. I cannot leave Christ, that is the most important and not the gospel industry. The gospel industry is rotten.”

When asked what inspired him to channel his music journey to secular he said, “I prayed before I wrote Wanani, Missing You. I consulted God a lot. I was fought a lot in the gospel industry and I knew I was not doing gospel for the people. So when I am doing a gospel song, it is for God.”

All this has come as a surprise as no one ever thought Kevin Bahati will go the Willy Paul way. With his current activities, all his posts have been so suggestive as he has been endeavoring some bootylicious women and many suggestive acts.

The fans were not left out as they all pose a lamenting finger to one, Diana Marua for diverting the singer to the things of the world.

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