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Betty Kyalo’s Ex-Boyfriend Advises Men to Avoid Blue Pills during Intercourse


Recently, there have been many death cases of older men, including people of the leadership class succumbing to the pressure that comes with the honey pot. It is well known that at old age, men are not as energetic as it should be. For that reason, people have become creative to ensure that they satisfy their partners.
According to the many cases experienced, men have been using blue pills to boost their libidos. Some have seen its benefits, but others never lived to tell the story. Several cases of men dying during the match have caused an uproar among netizens wondering why people cannot recognize the decisions’ dangers.

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As these cases are still increasing, the saddening news got the attention of Betty Kyalo’s ex-boyfriend, Hon. Alina Mohamed. Mohamed wrote a lengthy message targeting the male gender as he advises them to quit using blue pills and termed it as dangerous. Additionally, he emphasized self-esteem issues among men and urged not to make it the driving force to using the enhancing pills for one’s sake.

In a post that was also tagged by Nairobi Gossip Club, Mohamed expressed his sympathies with those that suffer from underperformance. He recognized the pain that one goes through, especially if the disappointment is spilt publicly for onlookers’ benefits. Even so, what is the use of it if your life is on the line? Anyway, a man has got to live, somehow!

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