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Big Boobs Saves The Day


There was drama outside the entrance of a new trendy exclusive club situated at Msumarini. A welcoming party was going down for a guy who had just arrived back in the country after spending fifteen years abroad. The invite-only party was guarded by bouncers who were stationed around the premises. Guests started trickling in, then came a group of four friends.

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As the guests were being checked, a mean bouncer singled out a particular lady who saw as an underage girl. She was pushed aside and told to go back home. The club does not allow underage girls in. Her friends came to her rescue, but the nasty bouncers could not take any of it. It did not help matters when she was told to produce her identity card, but she did not carry it either.

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Running out of ideas of how to gain entry, she resolved to flaunt her boobs. Shouting at the top of her voice, she was heard asking the bouncers if a girl who was blessed with such huge boobs as her could still be below eighteen years of age. Much to the amusement of the bouncers who were now blushing, she was allowed entry to the club. The girls proceeded to the party, where they made merry till in the wee hours of the morning.

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