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Bobi Wine Face-Off Yoweri Museveni in a Presidential Election in Uganda


Today, Uganda’s people have once again started their journey to deciding the future of politics in Uganda. They are making history today as they choose who will be their president for the next four years.
The presidential election seems like a two-horse race between the former musician Robert Changulanyi alias Bobi Wine and President Yoweri Museveni on the ballot. The incumbent is bringing a tight fight to remain in power while Bobi Wine struggles to outdo the older man who has been president for 34 years.

In a well-put speech, Bobi Wine expressed his desire to straighten up his administration and focus on building the youths in terms of employment and enhancing their voice as a people. He promised to secure the future of the youth through transparent governance when elected as president.
As the elections are still ongoing, it is reported that the government ordered the suspension of internet services until stated otherwise, according to Hon. Changulanyi claims this is a plot by the president to rig the elections. Additionally, he added that the electoral commission has sided with the government to see him fail.

On the other hand, in recent days, the people of Uganda have experienced police brutality, abduction, lack of freedom of expression, and numerous violations of human rights from its government. Anyone who was seen to support the opposition was considered an enemy of the state and was treated as such.

Nonetheless, as the elections still progress, Kenyans have shown their support for the youthful Bobi Wine. Many working in Uganda have fled back home for safety in case of any political wrangles during the electioneering period.

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