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Bobi Wine: What Do You Mean I Am Gay?


There have been claims that the Ugandan politician Robert Changulanyi alias Bobi Wine is gay. The musician turned politician has refuted the allegations claiming it’s a bid to tarnish his right name. Bobi was the primary challenger in the recent Uganda elections, marred by violence and killings of several people.

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These reports came after claims that his presidential campaigns were being funded by a homosexual group based in the United States.

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I am married to a woman you all know, it is a shame, it is disrespectful, and I feel insulted to be involved in the sex talk when we have few hours to elections,” he explained to a local television station.

The adamant politician insisted that he is a man of his principles, and he upholds the African culture and terms the reports as “diversionary.”

The accusation of Bobi Wine being involved with a homosexual group came from President Yoweri Museveni. As president, the old man had declared homosexuality illegal in Uganda.

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