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Boda Boda Chronicles! A Thief Set On Fire Along Mombasa Malindi Road


A middle-aged man who posed as a regular Boda Boda passenger was beaten mercilessly then set ablaze by the irate youth at Kwa Kadzengo stage along Mombasa Malindi highway. It is reported that the guy approached one of the Boda Boda youths at the stage and requested to be taken to Mtepeni, a distance of about five kilometres from the highway. So after they had agreed on the amount to pay, they set forth for Mtepeni.

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The Boda Boda rider recalled how the passenger seemed to be an outgoing comical kind of a guy. The rider said they engaged on diverse topics from politics of the day to how Viagra is killing men out there. Unknown to him, his passenger was looking for an opportune time and place to murder him off his bike. So as the stories became heated up the further, they went from human activity. People were now less by the roadside just as the homesteads were far-flung from each other.

Then out of the blue, the passenger removed a metal bar from his trousers and held it tight around the rider’s neck. The passenger forced the rider to stop the bike or be killed!!!! The rider was not a pushover either. Being a karate black belt holder, he started struggling with his passenger turned attacker and after a while, he managed to disarm him. On seeing that he had been overpowered, the attacker attempted to run. But, the rider was equally swift. He caught up with him and with a leg tackle akin to that of a professional footballer, he brought him down.

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By now crowds had started forming. The passenger turned attacker was trampled upon such that he became unrecognizable. The day’s mob psychology was that the attacker is tied on the bike and be dragged all the way back to the stage where he hitched the ride. Aaaaargh, What an excruciating kind of pain that must have been!!!!!!!

Well, as they say, siku za mwizi ni arubaini, the passenger turned attacker was lynched in broad daylight to meet his creator.


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