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Bribery and Theft in the Gospel! Mr. Seed entangled in a theft scandal – Sunsetkenya


The gospel industry has been in the limelight of late, the biggest being deserted by big names, giving it names to tarnish everything about it. ‘Give a dog a bad name and kill it,’ that’s what the English men said.

Its a pleasure for every artist to see their work progressing to the highest levels but it wasn’t the same for young Pambakali, a gospel singer plying his trade at the coastal region.

Helplessly, he saw his dream being strangled to death by one Triple P Tv Dj Lebbzthadj of PPPTv.

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According to Pambakali, he reached the gospel Dj for some airplay for his hit song Nakutegemea that was already making it to the airwaves down at the coast, but for the quest of seeing it escalating much higher, the young talented Pambakali decided to sprout his wings for a bigger market.

Reaching the gospel Dj wasn’t a walk in the park, but at last, he managed together with his team. Lebbzthadj in turn asked for Kshs. 16,000 for a week’s rotation from the struggling artist.

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For lack of the said resource, Pambakali went mute, and what struck him as a surprise months later is the release of his song by Mr. Seed.

Mr. Seed alongside Mash Mwana launched the Nakutegemea song, a version of young Pambakali’s song. Isn’t this bribery and theft at the same time?

As usual, Lebbzthadj is not available and Pambakali’s management has tried to reach Mr. Seed but all in vain.

The matter is slowly gathering some momentum as the said parties have decided to throw a cold blanket to Pambakali’s management.

Here are the two songs in question, watch, Download Mp3, and give out your view on the same matter.





Justice for the young artist, that’s what we are humble asking for.


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