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Bride arrested for allegedly drugging guests with bhang

A bride and her caterer were arrested in Florida after it was discovered that they reportedly laced cannabis to food that was later given to wedding guests. The charges happened two months after authorities were called to the wedding to help guests who claimed they had been drugged. Danya Svoboda and caterer Joycelyn Bryan are accused of tampering with evidence, negligence, and marijuana distribution.

The arrests were made when officials tested the food and drinks at the celebration. The wedding took place on February 19th in Longwood, Florida, in central Florida. Several of the 50 people present reported “feeling odd” after eating meatballs, Caesar salad, tortellini, and “bread with an olive oil and herb dip,” according to the incident report. Guests experienced stomach discomfort and vomiting. Several people were sent to the hospital for treatment.
According to a police affidavit, one attendee “felt tingling, his heart started to race, and [he] was having strange thoughts.” Another visitor believed her son-in-law had died and that her family was keeping her in the dark. She was transferred to the hospital, where she became “loud and disorderly” and required medication to calm her, according to police. Mrs. Svoboda was asked by police at the scene if she had allowed drugs to be inserted into the food of her guests, and she denied it, according to officials.
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