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Building collapses in Kinoo , leans on onother finished building

A building under construction in Nairobi’s Kinoo district has fallen. Officials were seen in the vicinity, trying to assess the extent of the damage. The construction was approved by Nairobi county administration, according to a billboard on the site. Residents were taken aback when they heard an earth-tremor-like sound. “My wife called me while I was driving home, stating that a building had collapsed. So I ran home, and thankfully no one was hurt “a local resident stated The five-story structure collapsed in at 11.30 p.m., according to tenants in nearby buildings.

Nobody was in the structure at the time it disintegrated. A five-story residential structure under construction in Kinoo fell six months ago. The trouble began, according to the residents, when the caregiver detected cracks and informed the owner. To avoid structures collapsing, quantity surveyors advised developers to collaborate with certified professionals. According to the Kenya Institute of Quantity Surveyors, strict compliance may have prevented the leaning five-story structure in Kinoo, Kiambu, and the collapse in Gachie.
Professionals are expected to perform their responsibilities diligently and without negligence, according to them. It has recently been revealed that the owner of the collapsed multi-story building in Kinoo’s Mithiga district defied the approved architectural plan by adding two extra levels. Land, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development County Executive Eunice Macharia said in a statement on Sunday that the Kiambu county administration provided the permissions five years ago.
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