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Chelsea intend to engage in discussions with the UK Government regarding the scope of the licence.

As of this morning (Thursday), Roman Abramovich’s UK assets have been frozen, although Chelsea Football Club has been granted a “special license” to operate on a limited basis. Chelsea has now confirmed that we will do so, including fulfilling both the men’s and women’s teams’ today’s fixtures. However, the full scope of this license was not immediately clear, particularly as it relates to the club’s ongoing sale, as well as strangely specific restrictions on merchandising or ticket sales (despite the fact that the incoming funds will also be used to keep paying the players and staff), and travel budgets.

To that purpose, Chelsea will “engage in conversations” to assess the entire scope of the license, as well as methods to “amend” it to facilitate routine club operations, including our community efforts. After all, Chelsea Football Club is more than just the men’s first team. The following is the complete statement from the club:
“The Chelsea Football Club has been informed that its owner, Roman Abramovich, has been sanctioned by the United Kingdom Government.” Chelsea FC would ordinarily be subject to the same sanctions regime as Mr. Abramovich because he owns 100% of Chelsea FC plc and connected entities. The UK government, on the other hand, has provided a general license that allows Chelsea FC to continue with some activities.”
“We will play our men’s and women’s teams today against Norwich and West Ham, respectively, and we aim to discuss the scope of the license with the UK Government.” This will entail requesting that the Club’s license be changed to allow it to operate as normally as feasible. We’ll also ask the UK government for advice on how these measures would affect the Chelsea Foundation and its vital work in our communities. When it is appropriate, the Club will provide more information.”
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