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Chief Justice Martha Koome condemns sexual assault of female motorist along Wangari Maathai road

After a lady was hounded by bodaboda riders for allegedly causing an accident on Wangari Maathai road yesterday, there were various reactions. Many Kenyans have been left heartbroken, wondering where their country is headed. When a person does something wrong, such as causing an accident, there are legal procedures to follow to ensure that the individual is prosecuted. However, according to Kenyan trends, people, notably bodaboda riders, are taking matters into their own hands, as shown today.

Following the incident, CJ Martha Koome strongly condemned the sexual assault of a female motorist that occurred earlier today. CJ Martha Koome noted that it is past time for efficient court case administration to be strengthened so that such a situation does not occur again. The bodaboda riders who took part in the act are now in detention, awaiting the full force of the law so that others who do the same crime can learn a lesson.
The woman claimed that she came to a halt a few meters ahead to attend to the situation, but that she was grabbed and robbed by a gang of other operators. This compelled her to flee, but the operators followed her for a few kilometers and blocked her path before sexually abusing her. The scene was captured on video by one of the operators, who heard the visibly terrified lady shouting as the riders physically harassed her to the point of stripping her naked in an attempt to get her out of the vehicle.
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