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China ports closure cause panic in global supply chain

The partial closure of Chinese ports as a result of a surge in Covid-19 infections is expected to result in a global shortage of goods in the coming weeks, with Africa likely to be the hardest hit.

China is one of Africa’s most important market sources, with figures showing that commerce between the two countries reached $185.2 billion in the first nine months of 2021, up 38.2 percent year on year.

Last week, two tourists in China’s northeastern city of Dalian reported the first instances of Omicron, making Dalian the second major Chinese port to be hit by the highly contagious Covid variety after Tianjin, a port near Beijing.

Some shipping lines have suspended operations as at least three Chinese ports, including Shanghai and Shenzhen, remain partially closed. The shipping companies said they are re-assessing the situation before resuming operations.
Ships looking to avoid Covid-induced delays in China are causing growing congestion at the world’s biggest container ports.
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