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City man’s privates cut off in revenge plot

A guy was found slain with his private parts hacked off at his house in Nairobi’s Kiamumbi neighborhood, according to police. Stephen Ngurari was identified as the victim, and police claim they seized a bloody knife and a blunt object, as well as a disordered scene indicating a struggle. According to neighbors, the killers arrived on a motorcycle and left once their goal was completed.

Two bodies were discovered in a ditch and bus stop in Kasarani in the Kilimani region. Authorities are looking into the occurrences. On Wednesday, five additional suicides were reported to police around the country, continuing an unsettling trend. This is in addition to the seven instances recorded on Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases to 12 in just two days. The occurrences occurred at Kisii’s Gesonso and Ramasha, Nyeri’s Mathira, Bomet’s Ndanai, and Muranga’s Kenol.
All of the victims were men who died as a result of hanging or poisoning. The cases are being investigated, according to the police. Suicides have been on the rise this year, and authorities attribute the increase to mental illness. In 2020, 174 suicide cases were reported, compared to 196 in 2019, 302 in 2018, 421 in 2017, and 302 in 2016. According to police accounts, the bulk of the victims were men.
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