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Comedian Mulamwa Shares a Moment with Japanese Guy who Speaks Fluent Sheng, Swahili and Dances Perfect Odi Moves, Leaves Fans in Stitches


Comedian mulamwa caused uproar online after sharing a video of him and a Japanese guy speaking fluent Sheng and dances perfect “odi”   dance moves.

The man, identified as Koki Nakaya in skits with the Kenyan Comedian has left fans online in stitches because of his mastering of the sheng language which has always proved tough to speak even for some Kenyans.

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In 19th May 2021 Mulamwa shared the first video featuring Koki asking him for cash.

 “Niokolee kakitu niko chini (Give me some money, I am broke),” Koki asked in a fluent Sheng.

Jifunzse kujitegemea (Learn to be self-dependent,” the comedian responded.

Sheng is rare language that infuses a mixture of many terms from different languages common in Nairobi Kenya.

On the next day, Mulamwa posted another video that depicts Koki chewing up “khat” leaves.

Niko jaba (I am chewing khat leaves),” Koki smoothly responded.

In yet a separate video post, the duo flaunted their dancing skills as they showed of some “odi dance” moves to a simple Ugandan tune. The frequent videos with Koki have left Netizens captivated with most of them seem to want more from the Japanese.

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