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Comedian Njugush reveals he has never had a side chiq

Njugush, a Kenyan content creator, has stated that he has never cheated on his wife Celestina and has no plans to do so. Njugush claims that he and Celestine have been through it all and that he wouldn’t exchange her for anything.

He said this during an interview with Plug TV.”We’ve been together for quite some time now. I’d be on Edgar Obare’s exposes every day if I wasn’t married, ningekuwa nasumbua. I’ve never had a side chick in my life.” When asked if women who rejected him down when he was broke now approach him now that he is famous, Njugush said,

“People I’ve never even dated are always on my case, claiming to have predicted my success. Artists fall into problems because when they succeed, the people who rejected them come hunting for them.”

Celestine previously stated in an interview that Abel Mutua and Njugush’s father were the ones who pushed the comedian to settle down before he got famous. This was done to keep him out of the wrong hands. People want to be linked with you because of what you can provide, not because of who you are. Njugush and Celestine are two of Kenya’s most popular celebrities.
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