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Commercial Sex Served at the Door Step


The covid-19 has recently made everyone and every business experience tough challenges sliding to a reduction in profits. Many people have had to look for better ways to ensure that their business picks traffic for survival. It has not been different for prostitutes as they also depend on their customers to put food on the table.
Due to the ongoing curfew set from 10:00 pm, prostitutes in Kenya have experienced the most trying times ever, prompting them to follow the doorstep’s customers. This evolving tactic by practitioners to retain customers has put society’s moral fiber to the test.

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While it is normal to see a commercial sex worker surviving the cold nights soliciting customers from the streets, some have taken it to the suburbs. By this, they can rent houses and hunt for customers from the internet or target them in barbershops, supermarkets, or massage parlors in daylight to cover their businesses.

According to an investigation done by Nation on some populous towns and neighborhoods, creativity has seen the business boom. On the internet, some websites purport to provide escort services for both men and women, with both posing as dates. But in reality, they are depots for commercial sex workers.

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Unfortunately, many websites are free to access, which means that even minors can try their luck when the need arises. This puts our teenagers at risk of trying it out, and as a result, it can cause moral decay.

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