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Counter! Kenyan City Lawyer Sues the Government for Reopening Schools – Sunsetkenya


A Kenyan City Activist who doubles up as a lawyer, Okiya Omtata, has filed a petition to counter the reopening of schools in October. The activist has cited that parents are not ready as many had shifted their attention to January 2021.

The controversial city lawyer has also argued that the government has failed in their efforts to comply with and put into practice the safety measures to curb the spreading of Corona Virus.

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Through the Minister of Education, the government announced the new academic calendar months after a long break due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

The new calendar allowed grade 4, standard 8, and form 4’s to begin the reopening process of the new chapter which is expected to commence on Monday 12th October 2020.


With the wrecking of the economy due to the rise of the pandemic which forced the Kenyan government to enforce a curfew and lockdown, hundreds of Kenyans lost their jobs, businesses slowed down to closure, schools closed indefinitely, and the entire nation engulfed in confusion as the economy got heavily affected.

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Furthermore, big wings business mongoose like Tuskys cramped and experienced the worst business days never seen before. It led to the closing down of its major outlets in different towns and cities.

Well, now that parents and every stakeholder are broke, Kenyans are torn between supporting Omtata’s petition or the government in its efforts to open of schools. What is the way forward?

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