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Dagoretti North Member of Parliament Simba Arati and Nairobi Hospital linked with the COVID 19 Money Heist – Sunsetkenya


Latest in the headlines is a vocal Dagoretti Member of parliament Simba Arati linking him to one of the leading private hospitals in Kenya, Nairobi Hospital in embezzling the COVID 19 funds.

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It rocked the country to learn the money meant to purchase PPEs and medication for the Corona patients was embezzled and donations miraculously disappearing.

The extortion of COVID 19 funds is thought to be engineered by an influential member of the Hospital Board and a vocal sitting member of parliament, Arati.

Arati linking does around the company by name QPKA which its believed to be belonging to the controversial member of parliament.

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The company in question was registered early this year, sometimes April and it was awarded An example, the 50 million shillings PPE tender awarded to QPKA, a company owned by vocal Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati. In some quick calculations, the company was registered purposely for the big heist.

Nairobi Hospital board member is believed to be a close alley of the mp and is believed to be powerful and feared being in Nairobi Metropolitan.

Together with other board members, they would push for almost all tenders in the hospital and raising the prices of the items over the bar. A recent example involves the acquisition of PPEs for frontline hospital staff handling COVID19 patients as well as the construction of a 600 million shillings COVID Hospital. In both cases, the lucrative tenders were awarded to companies associated with them.

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With the harsh conditions possed by COVID 19 situation, Nairobi Hospital has been healthcare for many as it “offers” lucrative services and looking a “deal” for the World Health Organisation and the United Nations partners.

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