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Daring! Willy Paul seduces Avril on Instagram. He expresses his love for her. Avril response shocking – Sunsetkenya


In a series of affections, Pozee showed his feelings towards Avril and he went ahead to post a series of photos of the singer captioning them with beautiful words full of love and care.

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Someone please tag this beautiful lady, her beauty n voice has kept some of us alive!! Kuna vile anakuanga tu amechukua my ❤️… Willy Paul opened up to Avril on one of the pictures he uploaded.

The singer went ahead to seduce the hot singer in yet another picture he uploaded again but this time Avril reduced Willy Paul’s esteem to the grassroots with a single tackle.

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Aaai Hapana this lady is hot..hot vibaya!! God surely?? Why so much beauty kwa lady mmoja tu?? Guys yaani this one is killing aki!!” Ready part of the caption in one beautiful photo on his Instagram.

Avril quickly came up and the response he gave the Hallelujah singer surprised many. He was quickly son zoned by Nikimuona song maker.

Umeniamulia aje leo my son,” responded Avril.

Well, this was a blow to Bwana Mkunaji as it showed Avril wasn’t ready to date Pozee being an underage.

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