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DCI Acquires Latest Body Cameras

The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has announced the acquisition of the most up-to-date body cameras, which will be utilized to depict real-time actions as detectives approach dangerous offenders. The body cameras are high-tech, with advanced high-definition, infrared, night vision, and live-streaming capabilities. The cameras will be part of the DCI’s crime management equipment and will capture live occurrences, according to the DCI.

The high-definition body cameras are equipped with infrared, night vision, and live streaming capabilities. “They’ll be part of our crime-fighting toolkit, recording real-time events as they happen,” the DCI stated. As detectives encounter dangerous offenders, the cameras will display real-time activity. The kits were acquired after the DCI received numerous requests from netizens who follow them on social media. A group of Kenyans applauded the move, stating that all policemen should be given the kits in order to reduce police brutality and restore sanity to the force.
The DCI confirmed earlier this year that civilians taking videos of developing events was not a criminal. Recently, internet users have taken it upon themselves to record various videos of criminals in the act or police officers in action. Detectives were able to gain access to important information as a result of this approach, which led to the arrest of multiple perpetrators. Officers in Western countries like as the United States, Canada, Australia, China, France, Germany, and others use crime management body cams. With the deployment of body cameras to a section of traffic police personnel in 2021, South Africa appears to have made progress toward the practice.
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