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DCI Officers nub over 400 Women Ready to be shipped to Qatar for Greener Pasture in Kiambu


Detectives from the Transnational Unit of the DCI have busted an agency holding 400 women in deplorable condition in Kiambu County, destined for the Middle East.

The raid was carried out on Thursday, September 16, exposing the horrible living condition the women were in.

The sleuths are questioning the proprietors of the agency for allegedly shortchanging and detaining some of the women against their will.

Raid in the training institution discovered the 400 students in training ready to be shipped to Qatar for employment, with some claiming they had been duped that they would be deployed as nurses and teachers only to be forced to sign contracts indicating that they will be house helps.

The detectives raided the government-registered institution after receiving a distress call from some of the students.

The women found during the raid are aged between 21 years to 50 years old.

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