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Dennis Okari attends daughter birthday only for Betty Kyalo to break into tears – Sunsetkenya


It all never ended well for the long time lovers as memories overwhelmed the Tv Queen, Betty. The presence of Okari stirred some bitter feelings and what would have looked to be a party to enjoy, turned the other way.

The two celebrated media personnel have a daughter, Ivanna who was turning 6, and just like any parent, Betty decided to throw a party for the Angel. Guess what! Dennis being the dad showed up with gifts for her daughter. His presence never gave Betty some peace and she broke down into tears.

Remember the two dated for 6 years and wedded in a lavish wedding at Marula Manor in Karen, Nairobi. It was one of the biggest and enjoyed matrimonial ceremonies ever happened in the media industry. See Photos:

See how Kenyans reacted on the same:

SB Opanga: I can’t go to such a birthday party if I’m married to another woman. I better send presents to avoid chaos with current wife. Utaskia tu usiku, “haujatosheka na ex?”

Bakhita Musembi: Okari stick to your marriage, this is a trap. Someone somewhere is desperate, she misses those moments and regret is a must. The issue here is you have someone else & you should avoid this. It will cost you a lot. Don’t underestimate the power of women. Betty knows you love your daughter & this can work well for her.

Laban W. Laban: It’s a lesson to everyone especially ladies. Kids especially girls are strongly attached to their biological fathers.If she could have stayed, they could be the greatest power couple.Okari is a very good man. Betty is living in denial. She has now opened her eyes, but what!..men move on very fast!

Leah Blessing: Tears of regret.

Kimani Ray-e: I do not comment on relationship issues but may I say that ego and pride are things even our creator hates.


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