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Detectives are only ready to charge the Nakuru serial killer with one murder despite his revelations that he had killed eight people in the past 10 years.

According to authorities, the event is being investigated. It comes at a time when officials claim that the number of accidents has grown since the beginning of the year when compared to the same period last year. More than 270 people have been killed in accidents since the new year, according to traffic commandant Mary Omari, compared to 201 in the same period in 2021. The majority of them are pedestrians.

He stated that the files of his wife, Ms. Purity Chebet, and their 18-month-old baby Ezra, both of whom Mr. Kipchirchir confessed to murdering, must be forwarded to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions for further guidance.”For DNA analysis, we took samples to a government chemist in Kisumu County.” We’re currently waiting for compilation findings, after which the papers will be sent to the ODPP for further guidance, where charges against Mr. Kipchirchir will be filed,” he said.

A file has been given to the DCIO Molo for further investigation on Mr. Samwel Njoroge, the ranger who Mr. Kipchirchir confessed to killing and burying in Kaptunga Forest in 2012. Chebet and her son died of strangulation, according to a postmortem at the Nakuru City mortuary, according to Mr. Tumbo. We’ll petition for a production order so the suspect may be remanded at the Mogotio police station; he appears to have more disclosures about the murders he’s done, so we’ll continue questioning him in the hopes that he’ll speak up,” he said.

Ms. Kanini left her house in Nakuru County’s Mawanga estate early on November 12 to go to her customary workplace in Mogotio market, where she had been selling seat covers for three years. However, she did not return home that evening, causing concern among her family and driving her husband, Mr. Mariko Njuguna, to file a missing-person report at the Nakuru central police station and then the Mogotio police station.

Mr. Kipchirchir was detained in connection with her disappearance on November 13 after his phone was discovered in his hands. He said to the authorities that he killed the woman and buried her body in a shallow grave on the banks of the Molo River in Baringo County 11 days later, and took detectives to the scene on the banks of the Molo River. Ms. Kanini’s body was so badly decomposed that her relatives could only identify her by the yellow sweater she was wearing on the day she vanished.
After his wife reported him to the authorities for forcibly taking custody of the child, Mr. Kipchirchir admitted to killing his wife and son a month later. After being sentenced to a year in prison for attacking Ms. Chebet, Mr. Kipchirchir was concerned that he would be arrested and transported back to prison.

Mr. Kipchirchir made yet another disturbing discovery on January 8: between 2017 and 2018, he killed four more persons and buried them in the same manner. However, the authorities and inhabitants of Mogotio were perplexed when they were unable to locate the victims’ bodies. Mr. Kipchirchir is now detained at the Nakuru GK prison and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday in Kabarnet.
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