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Doctor’s blunder left my daughter blind,says Raila

Raila Odinga, the leader of the opposition Democratic Movement in Kenya (ODM), has spoken out about his daughter Rosemary’s sickness, revealing for the first time that her eyesight was harmed by a mistake made by Kenyan medics. Raila revealed the circumstances that led to Rosemary’s vision problems and the family’s sorrow and desperate attempts to help her on Sunday. During his visit to India, he spoke with Asian News International in an interview.

Raila was set to return to the country on Monday following a 10-day journey abroad, which included a stop in India for medical treatment for his daughter.
According to the former prime minister, his daughter suffered a brain hemorrhage and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. “About three years ago, my daughter became ill. He told ANI that she experienced a hemorrhage as a result of which she was operated on in Nairobi. “Somehow, during that operation, they tampered with the optic nerve,” Raila explained, revealing the source of his daughter’s vision problems.
Rosemary was admitted to a Nairobi hospital in 2017 with a brain hemorrhage. A brain hemorrhage occurs when a blood artery in the brain ruptures, causing blood to leak or bleed inside the brain. According to medical specialist Bernard Muia, the illness is caused by a number of factors, including artery bulging and excessive blood pressure. “Hypertension is the most common cause of bleeding inside the brain,” Muia added. “In fact, 15% of persons who suffer from brain hemorrhage have hypertension.”

According to the doctor, depending on the quantity and precise location of the bleeding, various nerves may be irritated during operation. The best treatment for a brain hemorrhage, according to Muia, is surgery to remove the blood from the “unwanted” region of the brain. Raila described the family’s ordeal and desperate attempts to restore their daughter’s vision. He added the family flew her to high-end hospitals in Germany, South Africa, Israel, India, and China, but none of them were able to restore her sight.

Raila revealed his daughter spent three months in South Africa in an earlier interview with NTV.”Unfortunately, she was unable to recover her vision.” We sent her back to Israel, but she showed no signs of improvement. “Then she returned to Kenya,” he explained. According to the former PM, his wife, Ida, rented an apartment in South Africa to care for their daughter, but things did not work out for her. The family subsequently moved her to Israel, only to discover that the facilities there were unable to treat her illness. They decided to return her home, where they enlisted the help of a Chinese doctor, who determined that the procedure had been performed incorrectly.

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