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Don’t call me “Mkunaji”; Willy Paul tells why he has decided to drop his famous nick name

Willy Paul, an award-winning musician, has gone clean and stated that he no longer wants to be referred to as’mkunaji’. Pozze announced the news on Instagram, explaining why he doesn’t want to be affiliated with the moniker, which has already become well-known.

The word, which can be interpreted as “a man who likes ladies,” has been popularized by Pozze’s usage of it in some of his songs. He has since altered his mind, claiming that the name is to blame for his recent misfortunes and that it curses him.

Accusations of rape made by Bahati’s wife Diana Marua were one of the most recent scandals he was involved in. However, this was resolved legally, and a judge ordered Diana to take down the video she posted on YouTube charging Pozze of rape.

Willy Paul went on to say that the release of his latest music video has been postponed because he wants to get rid of the name first.

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