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Don’t mind him, he is a stupid man- Ruto to Atwoli

Deputy President William Ruto has referred to Francis Atwoli, a trade unionist and political activist, as “dumb,” claiming that he has failed to serve the interests of the millions of workers he represents. On Sunday, Ruto made the statements while speaking to a group of Kenyans living in the United Kingdom in London. He objected to Atwoli’s decision to stymie a proposal to raise contributions to the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) for persons with higher earnings.

“How do you explain a trade unionist defending a system in which a Deputy President earning Sh1 million pays Sh1,700 to NHIF while a peasant earning Sh5,000 a month pays Sh500, or 10% of their income?” he asked. Ruto’s speech followed similar statements in which he described Atwoli as a “young man with chains around his neck,” referring to him as “the old man with chains around his neck.” Atwoli is a harsh critic of Ruto and is noted for launching a “Stop Ruto Campaign,” claiming that “Ruto will not be on the ballot” in the presidential election on August 9.
He later changed his statement after an outcry from Ruto’s camp, which claimed a sinister motive by unnamed State operatives to assassinate Ruto, saying instead that President Uhuru Kenyatta will not hand over the presidency to “a thief.” In February, Atwoli was chastised by Ruto’s camp after he suggested the DP would commit suicide if he lost the presidential election to his archrival Raila Odinga,
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