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Dorea Chege Receives Threats days after Declaring to vie for Nairobi women Rep

Maggie of Maria by the name Dorea Chege, who is an actress and now aspiring to vie for Nairobi women representative in the coming 8th of Aughust 2022 elections is not happy with Kenyans with threats being received.

Days after she declared her thirst for this government seat of ruling Kenyans and Nairobi people, she has come out to declare she is sad on all threats being received via text and calls from people threatening her upon taking the risk to vie for the seat .

However she has come out clear to respond to those threats and give a warning that she is not going to step out in any case just because she received those threats and moreso to remind them that she is no coward to feel trembled by what they are saying to her.

As usual politics is always a dirty game and such things could be experienced out of the ongoing competition amongest people who want to be leaders of this country in the future.

Despite all that she has still received and been shown love by her fans that she is going to get their support inorder to get that seat especially from the young people who wants youth governing their country for them to see change.

A threat to many people partacking politics since many youths have chosen the path of being leaders in the future and changing the whole situation.

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