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DP William Ruto Becomes the First Kenyan Invited for the US President-Elect Swearing-In Event


Netizens have today woken up to surprising news that Deputy President William Ruto has been invited to the swearing-in of President Elect Joe Biden in the United States.

Today, the internet has been set alight as he becomes the first Kenyan to get an official invitation to the historic inauguration ceremony.These reports were first posted on Magufuli Benjamin’s social media accounts, one of the most influential bloggers who received much hullabaloo from people like Matsanga David, who happens to a diehard supporter of Uhunye.

Different reactions were experienced from both sides of the Tangatanga, also known as the hustler nation, associated with the deputy president and the Kieleweke fraternity.

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Many of the opposite side demand proof of the invitation as this sends out a message to the future of Kenyan politics. Suppose the rumor about the invitation holds any water. In that case, this could precipitate an emergence of an alliance of the DP and the incoming President of the United States of America.

The question remains, is it true that Deputy President William Ruto is among the delegation set to travel to the US for the inauguration of the 46th President?

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