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Drama As Man Who Went Viral For Screaming Does It In front Of GSU officers

The Kenyan Administration Police have finally spoken out about the man who has been making headlines in recent days for yelling in the middle of the street while filming himself.

The man’s video went viral just a few days ago when he caught himself telling cops to arrest him. The man is seen strolling past numerous police officers before saying, “Come and arrest me if you can,” in the video.
His tweet elicited a wide range of responses from Kenyans who shared their thoughts and views on the subject. While some Kenyans think that this is illegal, others argue that he has the right to do so because he did not break any laws.
The man could be seen shouting or as many would say performing for a group of police officers who were telling him to keep shouting in a video supplied by a trustworthy source of information about.
This was followed by a dramatic scenario in which the man continued to shout, causing other officers present to bust out laughing, alleging that he screams like a thug frequently.

However, according to reports from a trustworthy source of information, the man was not detained because he had not committed any crime, and as a result, he was permitted to depart and continue with his daily activities

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