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Drama as Sonko Demands Entry into Capitol Hill to See Raila Odinga


Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko caused an uproar on Thursday. He stormed the Capitol Hill Square in Nairobi demanding meeting with the ODM leader, Raila Odinga.
According to sources, the former governor arrived early in the morning but unfortunately found Raila in a meeting; therefore, he was advised to wait for an invite after he is done. Even so, Sonko lost his patience after the ODM boss’s meeting took too long to raise suspicion that he was only avoiding the controversial governor.
In retaliation, Mr Mbuvi decided to take the bull by the horns and storm Raila’s office a frustrated man. He was then forced out of the premises by guards causing a scene. Rightfully, Sonko was expected to book a meeting before his visit to be included in Raila’s busy schedule.

He had not booked an appointment to be included in Baba’s itinerary of the day, so everyone was surprised to see him,” Explained by one of the staff members.
All the same, no one has been able to get a word from the official spokesperson from the ODM Party to confirm the drama’s cause by Sonko. As it is known by many, the former governor is a man of many issues and drama.

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Recently, he suffered an impeachment over gross violation of the constitution, corruption, and office misuse as governor. Since then, Sonko has been trying to find his luck in all manner of ways. He was seen with the PD William Ruto and now seeking Raila’s audience. Nobody knows his intentions, but he is sure that he is looking for a place he can land safely before the 2022 Kenya General Elections in the country.

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