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Drama in Queens Town South Africa as Thugs Roll With a Stolen Car


A gang of robbers who had stolen a car in Queens Town is currently undergoing
treatment in a Hospital after involving in an accident that almost claimed their lives.
The three men gang had just stolen a car which had been parked outside a city club in
the evening moments after the owner who is claimed to be a banker within the city had
entered the club for an evening drink.

According to eyewitnesses, after they had made away with the car, they tried to speed
along Queens Road, and on their way to the Park, they hit a pothole and their car rolled
several times injuring all the occupants. Interestingly the car didn’t break down and its
body was still intact!

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Moreover, at the scene where they rolled, there was no such a pothole as claimed and
the road was so smooth all the way without even any oncoming cars. This left residents
shocked since it looked like a Hollywood movie.

“How do they role at this place where the road is clean and nothing was coming from the
other end? This is unbelievable,” a local was heard wondering.
Moments later, the owner of the car was tipped and ran towards the scene with police
who arrested the three criminals and took them to the hospital awaiting charges on Monday.

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The owner Mr. Braxel from Germany who is also a banker would later whisper to one
resident about how he protected his wealth. After buying the Subaru, he said he took it
to a Traditional Doctor who protected it from any attempts of robbery. This was the
third time some people were trying to steal it.

“This is the third time people are trying to steal my car but they can’t. Next time they
will be locked from inside. Wait and see!” he threatened.

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