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EDUCATION CS George Magoha says marking of the KCPE will be over within the next two weeks.

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) will be marked in the next two weeks, according to Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha. The CS said marking of the Mathematics and English papers, which were completed on Monday, has already begun. He was speaking in Nairobi on Wednesday when he monitored the distribution of social and religious studies. “Exam paper marking has already begun, and results will be released at the same time as last year,” Prof Magoha stated.

The results were announced two weeks after the last paper was completed last year. Teachers and candidates were told by the CS not to use phones in test rooms. He also cautioned against cheating on exams. “The examination has gone well so far, and we commend instructors for their dedication during this exam time,” Prof Magoha added. Principal Secretary Julius Jwan of the State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education stated that religious belief is steadily becoming an impediment to equal access to education since it is now being utilized as a tool for discrimination.
“The Ministry of Education is committed to protecting learners’ religious rights and will not allow school administrators, board of management, sponsors, or other stakeholders to violate this right,” he stated. Infringement of religious freedom, according to the PS, shatters the country’s fabric of unity, with students often bearing the brunt of the consequences. “Violations of religious rights in schools have bad consequences for maintaining peace and tranquillity, and some pupils leave out entirely,” he explained.
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