Home ENTERTAINMENT Embarambamba Escapes Death by a Whisker During a Video Shoot

Embarambamba Escapes Death by a Whisker During a Video Shoot


In his usual demeanor, the Kisii favorite musician almost got knocked out by a motorcycle during a music video shoot as he tried to cross a busy highway.  In his new song dubbed “Usituwache”,  Embarambamba is seen crossing the road recklessly.  The new video that was recently released that had a scene that left quite many of his fans fearing for the gospel musician’s safety.

However, nobody knows if the scene was part of the script or he surely escaped death by a whisker. This comes days after the moral cop; Dr. Ezekiel Mutua warned that Embarambamba was a danger to himself.

According to previous reports by Sunsetkenya, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua issued some advice saying the musician’s theatrics could injure him anytime from then in an effort to satisfy his fans. He also noted that his fans could be cheering the energetic man into his own destruction.

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As psyched by his fans, Embarambamba continues to give them the juice they deserve with his sensational dancing styles that incorporates jumping and running hysterically. Most commonly in his videos, he could be seen doing some spine chilling stunts and jumping from trees dangerously. In his defence, the kisii man noted that it is what his fans love him for and that he draws his energy from the “Holy Spirit”.