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End of an Era! Capital FM Ends Hits Not Homework Show After 20 Years.

The most celebrated Show, Hits not Homework, has finally been put to rest having run for 20 years now.

Capital FM, according to sources, has planned to hit another major show that will see the age bracket increasing from the normal 18-24 years that was initially enjoyed by the Hits, not Homework fans.

Take Maria Show to 10 pm, it’s not appropriate for Kids. Kenyans demand a reschedule of the famous Maria Show and the reaction is hilarious.

Hits, not Homework, since its inception, has been a home and growth area for many artists, who went ahead to make it big in the music industry.

Amongst the big names, Khaligraph is one of the hip hop moguls who through Hits, not Homework, did very well to hit the international levels.

With the coming to the birth of a new show, Capital FM is looking forward to giving more life and a new identity to the show.

Age is just a number. Gospel Artist Guardian Angel introduces 50 years old Girlfriend.

Ideally we are targeting high net worth adults who share a lot in terms of political opinion, experience, and lifestyle choices. It is also going to be largely a hip hop show that can be enjoyed by young adults and the older generation,” said the source.

We are targeting people who think differently, people who are adventurous, who enjoy having a good time. If you and I like the same things such as cars, music, live in the same area, share the same political views then we are in the same demographic despite our age,” added the source.

More to follow.

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