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End of the Road for the Popular Couples, Grand P and Model Eudoxie Yao


The couple hit the internet sometime last year, 2020 after they came public to announce their relationship. Trolling came in after their huge difference appeared as the center of the conversation.

Mousa Sandiana Kaba, popularly known as Grand P is a Guinean musician and a business mogul who broke the internet after coming publicly with an oversize socialite as a wife. Model Eudoxie from Ivory Coast is a well-known Socialite and her publicity doubled up after emerging to be the girlfriend to tycoon Grand P.

Their age difference and size sparkled the internet leaving many with wagging tongues but what amazed many is that the couples were not moved even an inch from the trolling but instead moved on well and commercialized and did business together.

Their separation did not come as a surprise though, as many prophesized of the same since day one. Through her Instagram, Eudoxie announced of her being single, and never gave many details, but just wished her fans a fabulous weekend.

“My babies, I am officially single, and I am going to focus on my music. Have a nice weekend,”


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