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Family of man who melted in steel boiler offered Sh7,000 monthly as compensation.

Caleb Otieno’s family will receive a Sh7,000 monthly stipend from the corporation for the next five years as compensation for the guy who was melted to ashes in a Thika steel facility. This is a third of his Sh21,000 net monthly pay. He had been employed for seven years and was on a permanent basis. This corresponds to the Sh420,000 lump sum figure that had been reported in the media.

The proprietor of Blue Nile Rolling Mills told the family that this would be “the right gift of restitution,” the family told the Star on Thursday. The company offered Otieno’s father Sh100,000 on March 27 when the family visited the factory, according to Michael Orao, his counsin who has been speaking to the press on behalf of the family. They were able to use the funds to aid with lodging and travel costs.
While the parents were still reeling from the news, Orao said the boss told him that from then on, he would treat Otieno’s father as one of his employees, and he would be paid the same stipend as every other person on the payroll. According to Orao, the firm advised the family to seek “substantial” reimbursement from the insurance provider. “The company’s owner made all of the decisions without consulting anybody else. They must have seen how impoverished Mzee was and chose to offer such a pitiful sum “Orao remarked.
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