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Fans Join MC Jessy to Celebrate His Birthday in Style


A man’s character is not in words but his actions throughout his lifetime. MC Jessy is by far one of the few known to be the kindest, loving, and witty, as described by his fans. What people say about you is the real picture of how you are and how you treat others.

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The comedian and renowned MC flipped another page on Thursday, January 21, and many of his friends and fans joined him to celebrate with him. They praised him for his outstanding comedies and described him as a man of the people.
For many of them, he is a man whose entertainment industry efforts cannot be ignored. The thrilled comedian reflected on how far he has trudged on and was thankful for his fans’ support across the country.

Several celebrities gushed the comedian with loving and appreciative messages wishing him happy returns, including Pascal Tokodi, Sandra Datch, Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill), MCA Tricky others.

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