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Find Out How Magix Enga Has Come Back Energized To Rule The Airwaves Again


Audio Producer, Magix Enga without a doubt, has churned out lots of hits that have really enjoyed massive rotational airplay here in Kenya and abroad. In fact, he has been pivotal in making the new genre called “gengetone” being entrenched and garners a huge following.


Through his official Facebook page that has upwards of sixty-five thousand followers, Magix Enga has intimated that indeed he has been battling drug addiction and that for the last three months, he has been in rehabilitation. He now feels so much well that he has even released brand new audio titled “niamini”. He has uploaded it on his official youtube channel. He thanks his friends and fans for supporting and standing with him in trying times that he has been going through.

He even has a special message to the youths that they should stay away completely from drugs. They should find themselves overwhelmed by life pressures, and they should find other ways to handle stress and unwind, like taking up exercising, reading a good book, volunteering with the needy, etc. He reckons that anything positive and relaxing helps take the mind off using drugs to relieve stress.