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Former Kiss TV Presenter Ezekiel Apindi Homeless

After falling on hard times, a former TV host has sought for financial assistance. Ezekiel Apindi, who hosted the Jah Rise show when the TV station first began broadcasting, is now homeless and living in squalor. Apindi told YouTuber Presenter Ali that he has been living on the streets of Ongata Rongai for the past three years after being evicted by his landlord.

“Everything I had was taken by the landlord.” Apindi, who is also a singer, revealed that before earning the position at Kiss TV, he was a street kid. “My previous boss Makari rescued me from the streets and provided me with a platform.” Apindi, on the other hand, said that those who were jealous of his success utilized black magic to undermine his career. “Witchcraft is now widely practiced. I’m in the streets because they don’t want me to go far. “There is a battle between bad and positive energy,” he continued, “but getting treatment is difficult because there is no proof.”
Apindi also revealed that he misplaced his phone and is unable to replace it. “If God could touch someone to build me a bungalow, I would love it,” he said in his plea. He also encouraged anyone with work prospects hosting TV shows to contact him so that he can afford a place to live. Despite his difficulties, Apindi, a painter, claims to have a great faith in God. “With God, nothing is impossible.” He had a reason for allowing this to happen.”
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