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Four Disobedient Passersby Stung By Bees


For it is written in the bible, as the fifth commandment honor your father and mother. Four men were rushed to Vipingo District Hospital after being stung by bees under bizarre circumstances in Kikambala.

The four men were just on a leisure walk around the villages in Kikambala, enjoying the scenery and breeze from the sea. Then one amongst them received a call from an acquaintance that runs a popular eatery where their ordered lunch was ready and set. They shouldn’t be late coz the seating space could be a problem if many revelers flock to the restaurant.

So in a bid to save time, they decided to take a detour through a granny’s shamba. It happened that the granny was in her shamba tilling the land in preparation for the long rains. The granny tried to stop and interrogate why they were passing through her shamba, but the thought of sumptuous grilled turkey stuffed in cheese and served with gravy soup got the better of them. They never bothered to stop. The granny yelled, but her low tone was not enough to stop even a chicken pass. She gave up, turned, and continued to till her shamba.

Suddenly a swarm of bees came out of nowhere and stung them, and just like that, the bees disappeared without a trace.

Let’s say that lunch never was, and they had to pay for it nonetheless.

Call it witchcraft, call it poetic justice be the jury as those guys nurse their sting wounds and live to tell the story another day.

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