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Four killed in separate banditry attacks within Baringo County in the last 48 hours.

Bandits invaded Kasiela village in Muchongoi, Baringo County, killing four people. In two different attacks, the four were killed. The bandits assaulted Kasiela in Baringo South in the first incident, killing three persons and injuring two more. On Saturday, Sinoni resident Wycliffe Kimar stated, “They laid ambush and killed the innocent people on the spot.” Kimar reported a milk delivery man was returning to Mochongoi on his motorcycle after delivering milk to the tumultuous Chemorong’ion and Arabal villages.

“Unfortunately, he ran across the bandits at Kasiela, who were rushing away with their stolen livestock towards Tiaty, and they killed him,” Kimarar explained. The second incident occurred on Saturday morning in Kapturo, Baringo North when bandits killed one person. Bandits ambushed and killed a herder, Laban Katundia, 21, in Kasiela, Baringo South, on Tuesday. Before his untimely death, he was patrolling the porous borders with his fellow herders.
The attacks come just a day after Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Mohamed Maalim conducted a peace meeting in Loruk, on the Baringo North-Tiaty border, on Thursday. Since December last year, ten people have been killed, numerous have been injured, thousands have been displaced, and hundreds of animals have been stolen by robbers. Thousands of individuals have been forced from their houses, and the afflicted residents have been reduced to paupers after the armed attackers stole or burned all of their belongings.
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