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Four police officers and a Kakamega bar owner suspected of beating a man to death three years ago will be charged with murder.

An inquest by a Kakamega court has recommended that four police officers and a bar owner be charged with murder in the death of a reveler. The inquest into Raymond Mulanda’s death was presided upon by Principal Magistrate Eric Malesi.The magistrate expressed sadness that the occurrence on December 16, 2019, could be “another tragic statistic on the country’s widespread police violence.”

“Police officers, like the rest of us, are human beings.” The subject of how they become violent after attending Kiganjo training and donning a uniform needs to be addressed. “I rule that the four officers who were dispatched to apprehend Mulanda, as well as the bar owner who summoned them, should be charged with murder,” he stated.

“Indeed, the pathologist who investigated Mulanda’s death stated that the multiple internal injuries he sustained on his head were not consistent with motion trauma, as the cops in question testified,” he continued. Mulanda jumped from a moving police pick-up while being carried to Kakamega Central Police Station, according to the four policemen – Musa Juma, Francis Kaimeti, Duncan Wafula, and Michael Chergut.

Wafula stated that the officers took him to the hospital after he fell. “On the material day, my colleague Kaimeti and I were on ordinary patrol when we were informed of a man raising a ruckus. “We went to arrest him, but he refused to get on a motorcycle and ride to the station,” Wafula explained. “He objected that we were dressed in civilian clothes and that the bike was registered to a civilian, so he couldn’t be detained by civilians,” he continued. We requested assistance from the Kakamega Police Station, and he consented to ride in a police vehicle, but he jumped out on the way.”
The judge questioned Wafula and his colleagues’ assertions, stating that a man in handcuffs sandwiched between two police officers would be unlikely to jump out of a moving automobile. “Moreover, the pathologist indicated that jumping from the police van is unlikely to have caused the multiple internal head injuries and a burst testicle,” Malesi said. The head injuries were caused by “blunt force trauma following a fall from a height,” according to Dr. Dickson Mchana, the pathologist who examined the body during the two-year inquest.
“I saw Mulanda kneeling outside Balozi Bar,” stated another witness, Ian Otieno. The four officers said, “Leo tutakuonyesha (Today, we will teach you a lesson).” Mulanda, 40, became agitated, according to Mercy Ondeng, a bartender, after his phone went missing at the bar, causing her supervisor Dennis Rosana to call the cops. The four officers and Rosana were ordered to be remanded at Kakamega Central Police Station by the court.
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