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From an animator, event organizer to a manager. Meet the multi-talented Producer, Mfalme Jay Crack.


The highly celebrated Producer, plying his wits at the north of Mombasa, has today braced the Mtaani Tv microphones and much has been discussed that will leave your mouths agape.

Jumaa Mrimba, as he was named by his parents, the showbiz industry named him Mfalme Jay Crack, and guess what! Yeah, his real the king of North.

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By his ability to raise and nurture talents, Jay Crack has truly managed to raise many artists amongst them, the high rated Susumila, Mr. Bado, Pat C, Master Kimbo, the melodious Sha Biggy, Confuser Jay, Mchafuzy, Swahib Wa Maselle, Crash V Touch, Dhilly Dhilly who (the last three) have turned out to be major uprising producers in Kenya. Currently, the Producer is riding high with this high rising young king, Medallion who an artist signed under Crack Sound Studios. Visit youtube and support the young lad who is sailing with his new jam, Ole Ole.

His prowess in production has seen him producing hits that not only hit the east African industry but also internationally. True Love by Master Kimbo ft Shabiggy almost hit gold medal (for those who understand), Starehe Gharama was another smashing track, to name just but a few.

True Love Kimbo ft Sha biggy.

Get to learn more from the beast himself. Watch the video here and get to know more about him and how the name Mfalme came to existence.

Mtaani Tv Lemmy Lito and Jay Crack.

To Jay Crack, we cordially wish you all the best in your endeavors. Continue inspiring the youths, nurture, and grow talents. Keep winning bro.

To Mtaani Tv, you just started. The sky isn’t the limit. Continue doing what you guys are best at. Cheers.

We understand its hard times as the deadly Covid-19 is down here with us. Sanitize, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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