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From Water Meter Reader To A Millionaire


A water meter reader based at the Mtwapa branch has struck it rich. The twenty-four-year-old plumber could not hide joy. He was literally over the moon saying that finally endeavors bore fruit. He was so elated felt quite lucky coz he had to gamble his last a hundred shillings that he had on him. He had placed a jackpot bet on mozzart and just hoped for the best as he in so many times done.

He won a whopping 16 million Kenya shilling. He says he has put a well-thought plan on how he is going to spend his newfound fortune. And that societal pressures will not carry him away into squandering his millions. So far, he says he has spent about 4 million acquiring land in Mtwapa, Kikambala, Vipingo, and Shariani, that he intends to put up rental houses among other businesses.

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