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Gospel singer Nicah The Queen claims she has separated with her lover DJ Slahver

Veronica Wanja aka Nicah the Queen, a gospel singer, has ended her romance with DJ Slahver. Nicah wrote on social media that people fall in and out of love at different periods. She stated unequivocally that the two had agreed to part ways. “Slahver and I have decided to call it a day and part ways!” “People can fall in love and out of love,” she wrote in part.

Nicah used the opportunity to publicly wish DJ Slahver the best of luck in his pursuits as he moves on from their love connection, revealing that she is now going on a path to move past it. “All in all, we’re moving forward!” She went on to say, “I wish him nothing but the best!” Nicah provoked some wild reactions on social media in February of this year after she released a video of herself washing her DJ Slahver’s feet as a gesture of her love for him.
The mother of two was seen in the video applying soap on her then-feet partner’s while massaging him and assuring him of her devotion. Nicah was being mocked by a portion of the Internet at the time for her romantic gestures. She did not back down and later retaliated against the naysayers who believed they had the authority to prescribe how she should manage her relationship. She said on social media that after she posted about her lover, people flooded her inbox with stories about how DJ Slahver wasn’t good for her and accused him of adultery.
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